Aga Greene

Aga’s first introduction to Yoga was through her parents as they used it as a healing practice and for pain relief. Having graduated with a degree in Physical Education Aga and her family moved to Ireland where Aga found the joy of Yoga in her everyday life.

Aga deepened her understanding of the power of Yoga while qualifying as a Prenatal Yoga teacher alongside her University of Limerick course in fitness instruction. Her Yoga teaching career blossomed as she set up her Irish Yoga community over a period of  10 years.

During 2013, Aga spread her love of Yoga while travelling in South East Asia for a year.  She followed this with a trip to India where she dedicated her time as a charity worker  helping street kids in Calcutta. Aga continued to teach Yoga while in India and while there she became a qualified Pranic Healer working with pranic energy.

Aga works in a primary school alongside running her Yoga classes and building her Yoga community in Bedfordshire.
Aga Greene teaches at Dunstable.

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