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Pilates Machine Workout St Albans Brian Hart Osteopathy

We have developed The Pilates Workshop to be the benchmark for safe and effective teaching. It is our belief that many of the original classical exercises developed by Joseph Pilates are actually unsuitable for the average person and average body. We base our teachings around ‘Body Control Pilates’, this breaks down the more difficult exercises so that they can be taught as ‘building blocks’. This safe and effective methodology encourages good movement skills before any advanced progression and our exercises have been developed for both mat and machine work.

The Body Control Pilates association is widely seen as the authority for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality with small class sizes ensuring close supervision and support from your teacher. It is Europe’s foremost professional Pilates organisation and is widely recommended by the medical profession for rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and as one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise available. The eight core principles of Body Control Pilates are:

alignment  •  breathing  •  centering  •  concentration  •  co-ordination  •  relaxation  •  flowing movements  •  stamina