group pilates classes

Pilates Group Matwork Classes

Pilates group matwork classes are our most popular. Each class has no more that 12 people so that we can give each individual the right guidance and support. Classes range from beginner to advanced, and all equipment is provided. The beauty of Pilates matwork is that you can take away your learnings and practice at home to help build on both your Pilates knowledge and physical well-being.

private pilates mat classes

Pilates Private Matwork Classes

Pilates private matwork sessions are available either on a one-2-one basis or in small groups up to 3 people. Sessions include small equipment such as foam rollers, gym balls, over balls, small weights, bands and wobble boards. Pilates matwork is a magnitude of amazing repertoire that you learn in stages. Some people go on to master the advanced matwork which is also known as Joseph’s classical Pilates sequence.

private pilates classes

Pilates Group Reformer Classes

The Pilates Reformer machine is designed to add resistance to exercises using weighted springs. These springs can be modified to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise so it is suitable for everyone. It is low impact and will take your body through a full range of movement to increase flexibility, build strength and improve alignment and posture.

Our group Reformer classes are kept to a maximum of 6 clients per class to ensure that you move safely under the supervision of the teacher.

pilates reformer classes

Private Machine Sessions

Pilates machine sessions are for 1-2 people, each person benefiting from their own personalised programme. These sessions take place in our unique equipment studio where you will use the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. The studio equipment creates spring loaded resistance to the Pilates repertoire, producing more specific movement patterns in the body, challenging any weaknesses and therefore over time, improving posture, mobility and tone. The Pilates machines are amazing taking the client to a different dimension of movement and body understanding.

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We offer many pilates classes each week, which range from Group Pilates Matwork, Small Group Reformer classes, Yoga, Adult Ballet to Private 1-2-1’s including using the Reformer, Cadillac & Wunda Chair.

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What our clients say

It makes you more aware of how you’re using your body and if you’re using it correctly, then you get less pain – which is what I want after all. The classes are enjoyable – it’s all very well practicing at home, but a class environment is so much different and it’s very enjoyable, and when you’ve got such a nice teacher it’s doubly so.


Pilates has made me stronger – I don’t have pain in my back anymore. I’ve got more confidence in my body – I don’t worry when I have to bend down and pick something up anymore. I know that I’m going to be okay now. There’s a lot of fancy equipment here so every week the class is different. I like the studio here because it’s somewhere quiet to come to and it’s a large open area studio, the equipment is modern and up to date – and Paula is really friendly.


I used to play a lot of football and other sports and I was taking longer and longer to recover from injuries. A lot of Pilates is about stretching and keeping everything going. As you get older it’s just harder to keep moving and I think that Pilates makes a big difference in keeping everything supple and keeping everything moving. There’s always a range of activities here and it’s quite entertaining. I’d recommend The Pilates Workshop as a means of recovery and prevention of injuries.