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Brian Hart

After training to become a Pilates Teacher in 2001 with Body Control Pilates, my fascination with the human body and it’s subsequent breakdown grew and so did my thirst for knowledge.

This drove me on to study Osteopathy and one of it’s main principles of a strong mind/body connection is at the core of my treatment philosophy. With a calm mind and a positive attitude, restoration of balance to the body can be achieved thus enabling us to move again.’

Hart Osteopathy is part of the Pilates Workshop in St.Albans and offers Osteopathic treatment in a calm and modern environment.

Movement is a key part of maintaining health – but due to modern day lifestyles we are far too sedentary or repetitive in our daily routines.

At Hart Osteopathy we encourage movement of the body via a host of safe treatment techniques including:

– Osteopathic treatment

– Medical acupuncture

– Prescription Orthotics

– Specialised exercise plans

The focus of Hart Osteopathy is to empower the patient and provide not only treatment but guidance and advice on such elements as lifestyle changes, nutrition and exercise.

With a fully equipped Pilates Studio on site, we pride ourselves on providing all your rehabilitation needs – under one roof.


Call Brian Hart on 07956 449 898

We pride ourselves on our customers having a personalised Pilates experience. As a company we value communication and we feel that the customer's goals and needs must be discussed before attending one of our classes.

Therefore, you will see that we do not have a booking system in place. If you are interested in one of our classes please complete our ‘Make an Enquiry’ form and our Pilates teachers will respond to you as soon as possible. We will then be able to find the right class for you.

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