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Carolyn Ashby

Carolyn’s classes are perfect if you want to exercise, but to do so slowly and mindfully.  You will move fluidly between yoga postures to gently stretch and strengthen.  Carolyn has practised yoga for 30 years, and holds a 500 hour yoga teaching qualification.  She teaches Hatha, Restorative and Yin Yoga and has a playful, enquiring approach, enabling you to feel more at ease in your body, better manage emotions and quieten the mind.

Rather than follow a set sequence, Carolyn varies her classes, sometimes focusing on a particular part of the body or aspect (e.g. digestive health), sometimes to explore a particular theme, e.g. gratitude, working with the seasons, self-love.

Classes generally include pranayama (yogic breathing), sometimes yoga nidra or meditation, and always 5-10 minutes complete relaxation at the end.  Many of us hold stress in our bodies – tapping into our essential breath helps to let go of tension and improve wellbeing.

Classes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students, as modifications to poses are offered for differing abilities

Carolyn Ashby teaches at St Albans.

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