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Kate Byrne

I found Pilates in my mid-thirties, and my only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier!!! I had spent many years sitting at a desk with a stressful job, so was very tight in the shoulders and suffered with neck, lower back and hip pain. I felt like I needed to be put on a rack! That wasn’t an option, so I started doing Pilates! I immediately loved everything about it, and could feel and see the benefits very quickly.

I trained in London with The Body Control Pilates Association in 2009 to become a teacher. I feel like I have finally found the perfect vocation for me, as I originally started off my career in my early twenties as a middle school PE teacher, so I now feel like I have put the two things together.I love every minute of teaching Pilates, and feel blessed that I have such a wonderful job, working alongside some wonderful teachers, and teaching lovely clients. I really enjoy helping clients feel better in their own bodies, and also helping them to understand how to take Pilates into everyday life.

If you want to reduce your aches and pains, learn to relax and breathe more, increase muscle tone, improve core strength and posture, and generally feel better about yourself, start Pilates. It’s the best!

Kate Byrne teaches at Dunstable.

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