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Kirsty Sadler

Kirsty first found yoga in her early 20’s, she had developed an eating disorder in her early teens, which then grew worse whilst trying to persue a successful career as a fashion model. Desperate for something to change the relationship she had with herself, it was suggested that she try a yoga class. Quite simply, Kirsty believes that yoga saved her life, not only did this beautiful practise move her body but it moved her mind too, it moved her to a much calmer, stronger more positive and happy place.

She realised that if yoga could do this for her then surely it could do the same for others, which led her on the path to becoming a teacher.

Her own teaching style is fun, powerful and creative with an emphasis on the fun side, she encourages her students to not take themselves too seriously! She loves to translate the joy that yoga brings to her life and how it can give peace to the lives of others.

Kirsty Sadler teaches at St Albans.

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