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Michelle Rollings

Michelle worked professionally as a dancer and aerialist throughout Europe and Asia for many years before becoming a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, as well as a Level 5 Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist.

Michelle’s classes focus on incorporating both mobility and stability in a full body workout. Whether working dynamically in advanced classes, or at a slower pace for beginners, Michelle always tries to bring an element of calm and restoration to her classes, with a big focus on breath to aid that mind/body connection.

Movement and wellbeing has always been a passion of Michelle’s, having over 15 years performing and teaching experience in the world of dance. Having suffered from injuries and needing regular treatment herself during her time as a performer, Michelle saw first hand the amazing benefits of both Soft Tissue Therapy and Pilates.

In 2017, Michelle undertook the rigorous training from the world recognised STOTT Pilates. This has not only further expanded her knowledge of biomechanics, but has inspired her own movement journey. She feels stronger, healthier and more in tune with her body than ever before and has a true appreciation for the benefits of Pilates.

Michelle is incredibly passionate about her work and continues to grow as a therapist and instructor, believing you can never stop learning. Being able to help people to live an active life without discomfort is why she works in this field.

Michelle Rollings teaches at the following studios:
St Albans

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