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Sabine Trevisan

Qualified as a fitness instructor back in 2001, and Personal trainer in 2010, I have always loved Fitness and I gained a lot of experience working in different gyms. Due to niggling back problems following the birth of my 2 children I was drawn to Pilates 7 years ago and immediately felt the benefits so much that I became fascinated with the way if affected my body.

Within a matter of weeks I began to feel the internal strength that had been eluding me. My movements became more controlled and responsive, I was standing straighter and feeling more energized than ever before. After a few short months my muscles began to get stronger and longer and my flexibility increased. Subsequently my aches and pains vanished and I found myself enjoying life so much more. I was hooked!
Inspired by my own instructor I decided to train as a teacher and I qualified with the Body Control Pilates Method back in June 2016.

My aims is to work with people of all ages and abilities, making them more aware of themselves, more in touch with their whole body, bringing body and mind together into a single, dynamic, well-functioning entity.

Sabine Trevisan teaches at the following studios:
St Albans

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