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Sandra Moore


Sandra is a Health and Wellbeing Coach with a background in Nursing, Public Health and Environmental Health. She has trained coached and mentored individuals and businesses in a professional capacity throughout her career that spans over 30 years.  Her own life experiences have caused her to look deep within herself to find strategies that allow her to grow and flourish in a positive and authentic way. She has learnt that if we do not give ourselves the time and space that is required, we cannot fully give to others; we cannot give from an empty vessel.   She is now transferring those skills into her own health and wellbeing business, Rejuvenated Soul, offering various treatments and sessions:


  • Meditation & Mindfulness
    • Focusing the mind to achieve mental calm and clarity
  • Breathe Work
    • A series of breathing exercises to improve mental, physical and spiritual health
  • Sound Therapy
  • Sound harmonisation – using sounds that resonates with the individual chakras to aid relaxation and a sense of wellbeing (no gongs used) Based on Fabien Maman Tama- Do Harmonisation – the 5 elements of Nature, Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal, Water
  • Body treatments using stainless steel tuning forks on specific acupressure points on the body. One such treatment is Musical Spine – using different fundamental notes and colour for each part of the spine that corresponds with the chakras, to relax and bring about a (This is an individual treatment.)


Energy Work – Healing Modalities


  • Reiki – brings about balance and promotes relaxation
  • Rahanni – hands on energy work and brings about balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of the individual. Can also release fears and negative energy that accumulates in our bodies. Works on a higher vibration to Reiki


Health and Well Being Coach


  • Coaching sessions are offered to support and assist individuals in achieving their goals. These sessions are made up of self-assessment exercises, tools, tips and discussions on what you want to achieve. Being emotionally and self aware of who you are, is one of the most important first step in achieving what you desire in your life. Knowing yourself is key to your success!

A complimentary 30 minutes exploration telephone discussion is offered for this service so you can find out more about what the sessions will entail and whether it will be right for you.

Sandra Moore teaches at Dunstable.

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