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Niamh Swarbrick

My  name is Niamh, I first started practising Pilates 11 years ago after having my first child.  It helped me  get back to where I was pre pregnancy and more.   It helped to rebuild my core and pelvic floor muscles, regain good posture, get rid of sciatica increase my flexibility and sense of wellbeing.

Having always enjoyed health and fitness I started initially in a gym where I started to see the benefits, but always felt I needed more help.  A friend recommended a Body Control teacher where classes are smaller,  tailored to individual needs where a lot more attention is given.  I couldn’t believe the difference!  I started to feel and understand the exercises a lot more and  the benefits really started to show.  I became a lot more body aware, stronger, more flexible, those constant aches disappeared.  I regained my posture and felt this new calm. I completely fell in love with it!  Doing Pilates enables me to continue enjoying being a runner, helps to avoid injury, enhances performance and it provides that essential balance.

Over the years Pilates has continued to massively help me mentally and physically.  Inspired by my Body Control Teacher I decided to follow my dream and train as a Body Control Pilates Teacher myself to share the benefits of Pilates with others.

I qualified as Body Control Certified Mat Teacher in 2021.  Pilates is for everyone, all ages and abilities, it is important for the most basic movement in everyday life and sports.  I’m available for 1:1 classes and group lessons in a very friendly, calm environment.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Niamh Swarbrick teaches at St Albans.

We pride ourselves on our customers having a personalised Pilates experience. As a company we value communication and we feel that the customer's goals and needs must be discussed before attending one of our classes.

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